Daphne (Formerly Krystal) Is Doing Well
Tuesday, Jan 19,2010

Daphne is doing just great, and great with Jeff too. She is exceedingly loving, lets me kiss her face and nuzzle her. She is extremely loyal to all of us and loves Toby to death. He licks her face and ears, and she just lies there with all fours up in the air, completely slack and with a look of ecstasy on her face. She loves her walks around the golf course, and has really blossomed and become curious about everything. At first she wouldn’t act alert and curious, now she is all over the place, sniffing and behaving just like a German shepherd (imagine that!)

She is smart as can be. Her senses are amazing. She loves to please and she gets plenty of love and baby talk, we adore her. She is a sweetie and deserves the best.