Desi With Her Serious Look!
Saturday, Mar 17,2012

It’s been a little over 4 months since Desi has become part of our family and captured our hearts. She isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. She does still favor her front leg once in awhile but as I have said before, she is my 70 lb 8 year old ‘puppy’. She loves to go on walks and has developed a sense of routine. She let’s us know when it’s feeding and walk time. She is never far away from me (I work from home so we are glued to each other 24/7), and if Im not here, she will attach herself to my husband (so cute). She is the BEST guard dog and takes her job very seriously (which we love).

She has won over every neighbor she meets with her sweetness and beauty and makes us laugh everyday. She still panics when she sees small dogs, but we are careful when we take her out.

Thank you all again for all your help in bringing us together 🙂

I have attached a picture of her after I tried to get a cute picture……she’s not a fan of the camera..hehehe