Dickens is doing great but a bit spoiled…
Wednesday, May 31,2006

Everyday at about this time he starts getting upset because he thinks it’s time to go to the dog park. One story, we were down at the beach when a sea lion tried coming on to shore. All the other dogs ran but Dickens went right in and started licking it’s face. The sea lion got tired of it and went back out to deeper water.

He’s learning new tricks every week. Sit, down and heel he does very well, even heels good off leash. Fetch the paper was the first thing he learned. Every morning he runs out to the end of the driveway and comes running back with the paper. Sunday only about half the paper gets back to the door, it’s a bit large for him still. Now he’s learning BANG! (play dead) and roll over. He surprises me with how smart he is. I don’t know that much about training dogs, but every new trick I try takes 2 or 3 days for him to learn. Another trick I taught him a few weeks ago other people think is mean (see picture). What do you think?