Dodger Is Doing Great
Thursday, Jan 22,2009

Dodger is doing great, and so are we. He is sleeping next to me right now, he goes to work with me every day, we work in a converted home, the back door stays open so he can go from the back yard to the converted garage (my and my assistant’s office) at home he and mindy play a lot. Dodger likes to go on long walks, and he socializes with other dogs at the school by our house. He sleeps in a kennel in the front room, (the kennel gives him some security). He is eating well, we feed him a high quality dog food recommended by the vet, he walks well on the leash, and is responding to commands well (I use the reward system) We really love this dog Dodger and he seems happy as he continues to settle in. He stay’s close to me, and has started his roving guard work. Thank you all so much for the work you do, I know it’s a labor of love that goes unnoticed most of the time.