Dooley Doing Dynamite
Sunday, Dec 03,2006

Just thought I’d touch base again and give you an update on Dooley. He is doing great in his new house – we have a giant fenced backyard and a 14 year old neighbor boy who plays with him constantly.

He still spends part of every day at the dogpark or on long hikes. I am not working right now, so he is out of daycare. Once I am back to work, he’ll go back three times a week, like before. We are thinking of adopting another dog, so if you come across anyone who seems like he/she would fit with our family (active, playful, cat-lover) give me a buzz. We will have to clear it with our landlord, but she loves Dooley so I doubt it would be a problem.

I am so proud of you with GSROC – I look on the website frequently – 325 dogs since last October! Yay! I hope things are going well for you. Thank you again for uniting us with this wonderful dog – he is the light of our lives.