Dotz has stopped whining and loves her new pal Andy…
Thursday, Mar 09,2006

I have been meaning to send you these pics of Andy at his new home. He has made himself at home pretty quick. We all love him to death, except maybe my cats, but we are working on that. He is an wonderful addition to our family and adds much love, energy and excitement!!! Dotz has stopped whining and loves her new pal. She even shares her couch with him. I was hoping to get a pic of him in the pool. You were right he loves the water. The first time he got in he went the wrong way and my mother in laws companion, who is also and old friend of mine for years, stripped done and jumped in and showed him the way out. What a friend! She loves dogs too. As soon as we get one I will send you it. Thank you again for all you have done for Andy and all the other dogs you rescue.