Duke And Lady Are Treated Like Royalty!
Sunday, May 10,2009

My two are doing well. Lady has definitely settled in – made herself at home (as evidenced by the dog hair on my couch!!) and seems happy.

While I know it will ever be a ‘love match'(the age and temperament differences) they both seem to like each other well enough and when they think I am not watching have even been affectionate!!

Lady has finally seen her brother having one of his seizures – and -after her initial confusion was very concerned and went and laid by his side just looking at him as he had his post-event nap! Duke seems to have one a month – more if stressed (heat, noise, illness) – and still manages to come round and be as sweet natured as always. It hurts my
heart to see it each and every time -but I know he knows his mom loves him and he will always be safe.

I have attached a couple of pics for you to see … one of the both of them and the other of Lady – she LOVES to roll in the grass, and then gets up and does the ‘old lady’ shake – its hysterical!