Duke And Sophie Stop To Smell The Flowers
Tuesday, Sep 04,2007

Here’s a picture of Duke and Sophie on our property in Oregon. They just love it. They’re spending a lot of time up there now – – they’re both 5 pounds lighter because of all the running around they do. I think I’ve told you before the jobs Duke’s created for himself – – – he follows the tractor when we’re cutting the fields, he hunts for gophers for hours on end, and he keeps Sophie in check when Paul is working. If Paul is sweeping or raking or digging – Sophie thinks it’s time to play – So Duke comes in to “restore order” and he keeps her about 4 feet away from Paul until the task is done. It’s so funny. And did I tell you how when the fields were really high one time – he was chasing deer – and the deer were leaping over the 3 feet grass – and Duke figured that’s how it must be done. He was running through the fields leaping periodically to see over the grass just as the deer were. Incredible. He’s so smart.

You guys are the best – THANK YOU for helping all of these beautiful fur babies.