Eddie Was A Miracle
Sunday, Nov 30,2008

Eddie indeed was our miracle dog. In 2003 we moved to Oceanside – out of the townhome we had in Laguna Niguel and into a single-family home with a fenced in back yard so that Eddie would have more room. (Have you ever heard of people moving specifically because of their dog? Well, we did!) We also adopted a small black MiniPin named “Jack” (after John’s father) and the two became best buddies. Eddie lost all of his fear anxiety and, in essence, ruled our roost.

My father passed away on Thanksgiving Day in 2006. One year later, Eddie was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy. By this past June, despite our best efforts, he could no longer walk and we believe he was in pain, so we ended his life on July 3, on the lawn under his favorite tree. He was seven years old. It just about killed us as well, and we’re still not over it. I don’t think we ever will be. Eddie was not only our “child,” but he was the third member of our marriage (at 120 pounds, he was really a “peer”). I loved Eddie like no other.

On this Thanksgiving, I just wanted to thank German Shepherd Rescue for bringing Eddie into our lives. He was a gift from God. Until next time, may God keep all of your Shepherds safe and secure.