Eli And Lizzy Are Great Friends!
Tuesday, Jan 19,2010

Just wanted to give everyone an update on Eli who we adopted in May of 09. He has really turned into a great addition to our family. He and Lizzy get along great as long as Eli leaves Lizzy’s cheweys alone. They love there two walks aday. Eli has learned to sit shake,wait and will even give Angela a hug at the end of the walk.He has gained about 13 pounds from when we got him and tops the scale at 72 pounds. This looks to be about his playing weight. He has turned into a great swimmer as durning the summer we had a hard time keeping him out of the pool. We take them to dog beach and they love to chase all the other dogs around the water. Eli greets each new dog to the beach as they arrive. Thanks again for the two great pups we got from GSR.