Eli Has All Kinds Of New Talents!
Saturday, May 23,2009

Elias (Eli) has really come along way in a short time; finally letting me pet him. He loved Angela from the start. He is starting to get real comfortable now. For the first week and a half though he didn’t have a bark in him. Now he barks deeply whenever we get home, or the mailman comes by. He lays on Angela on the couch while we watch TV. He really loves his walks now and comes right over when we want to put the leash on him. Already housebroken and now learning “come”, ” wait” and “ok”. He knows “no” very well. Lizzy (formerly Gretchen) has shown him how to dump the trash when we leave them. Angela left our dinner on the kitchen counter to cool and we went to a little league game. Eli decided it smelled better than his so he ate it.(We had to get Kentucky Fried Chicken that night) He has already weaseled his way onto the bed at night. Good thing we have a kingsized bed.Lizzy and Eli have a contest to see who can take up the most room. They have a great routine now as after their walk, Angela and I take them to the backyard and they play ball for awhile and then after they have rested awhile they get their breakfast and then take a nap.Eli is starting to put on some weight and his ribs don’t show like they use to. He loves to get brushed now and his coat looks really good.Thanks again for leading us to him as he is a great pup