Eliot Loves The Pool!
Saturday, Nov 22,2008

I could not have asked for a more faithful and better friend than Elliot. Elliot was adopted in 2005, from the loving fostering care of GSROC, and in particular volunteer Delores of Rancho Cucamonga. Elliot loves the cat, loves my family and is the most faithful friend anyone could ask for. In fact, everywhere I go, Elliot is sure to follow: upstairs to bed, in the kitchen, to the living room, outside the shower, what a faithful friend indeed. And when my family two years ago found a stray pure bred German Shepherd that ‘walked into the garage and our lives one day’, Elliot was their to welcome his new friend. It is funny to watch Elliot run around the pool as his German Shepherd friend goes for a swim. It is the funniest thing to see a German Shepherd hang out swimming in the pool…That’s because the family is there and they have the most loyalty to family.

Elliot truly continues to bless us all.