Elka (Formerly Lizabeth) Gives Thanks!
Sunday, Aug 23,2009

I want to thank all my guardian angels at the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County Adoption detail. When you rescued me I was skin and bones, tip of my ears were chewed away by ticks and fleas and I had pneumonia. The dedication, love and care of everyone made it possible for me to survive and be adopted.

My new owners love me so much. Can you believe I travel in a 40′ motor home and I get to play in fields full of flowers and butterflies? Now that I have good food and my lungs are stronger, I run so fast, I have to put my ears back. My new dad even took the back seat out of his jeep and built me a carpeted platform with a tether so I can go jeep’n. I love when they take the windows out and the cool air blows my fur.

I don’t wake them up at 5:30 a.m. anymore. I wait until I hear them move then run to put my front paws on the bed so they can pet and rub me. I am learning there are rules to keep me safe. I now sit, stay, heel and walk on a leash. When my dad whistles, I run as fast as I can to sit at his side. That’s pretty good for just 8 weeks of training, isn’t it? They seem very proud of my accomplishments.

I still worry when they leave and I can’t see them. They keep telling me they will be back, BUT I still worry.

Oh, Oh, forgot to tell you I now know that treats are delicious and I now know how to play with dog toys, and the vacuum cleaner and TV won’t hurt me.

So if you are traveling and spot a jeep with the windows out and a big, happy girl shepherd looking at you…. THAT’S ME —– ELKA.