Ellie Enjoys Hanging Out With The Kids!
Tuesday, Jan 18,2011

Ellie (formerly Chyna II )is so great with all of my day care children and our own kids. Most of my day care children would like to take her home, so do some of their parents. She listens so well and is a great companion to our almost 11 year old dog. He found new energy in his life and enjoys very much now to play with her. She also plays with one of our cats all the time. She does get jealous when other dogs come around and does not like for us to pet anyone else. She just gently nudges them out of the way. Her fur is so soft now and wherever we go we always get comments on how beautiful she is. We love her so much and she is a total daddy’s girl when he is home. He loves that.

Thank you for such a great dog. We took her in just 2 months after our other dog passed away and she brought new life into this house.

Thank you