Emma’s At Home
Tuesday, Apr 21,2009

Emma is learning more and more each day. She’s also getting a little feistier as she’s feeling more comfortable, but still listens extremely well. The potty training is still going on– we are close though! I don’t have to confine her to her crate, as I have bought a gate and confine her to the room while I am gone. The other day when I was gone for 5 hours, she did great. Since then, business has been slow so I have been able to work from home, so we have been doing lots of training, playing and walking. The stairs are not a problem anymore 🙂 although she still wants me to lift her out of the car (I know she could do it herself and just wants the extra Emma-girl attention she rightfully deserves, so of course I give in).

Tiger and Emma have bonded too– they are very excited when they’ve been separated for a while and when we get home from a walk Emma is very eager to greet Tiger and let him know all that has transpired while we were away. Sometimes it scares me, so I pull them apart, but seems that Tiger is enjoying the rough-housing too. Emma goes to sleep around 9pm which allows for some Lucy/Tiger time. She pretty much sleeps through the night, waking up at 5am.

I’ve attached some cute pictures for you to share.