Ess is now a Pet Therapy Dog!
Thursday, Jul 24,2008

Its been a year since I adopted Gabi (now Ess). She has been a wonderful addition to my family. She’s a very sweet and smart dog! She loves her big sister Jenks, the two are inseparable. Even the cats seek her out for licks and snuggles.She passed her Canine Good Citizen test last month and this month we did our first hospital visit with a pet assist therapy group. She’s a natural – so outgoing and happy and loved everyone petting her. She loves children (especially little girls – most likely due to her foster home having nice girls). As we get more experience as a therapy dog team, we’ll most likely work with children’s organizations.She went from being neglected, to an animal control truck, to an animal shelter, to a foster home, to my family, to giving back to the community through pet therapy work. Thanks for all your organization does!