Faith Is At Home
Monday, Feb 23,2009

We just adopted Faith yesterday and she is already making herself at home. She is an amazing little girl. I think our boy Jack feels she was brought home just to entertain him. They are identical and match up very nicely in the wrestling ring that is our back yard, though I think Faith might win out eventually…Jack is a big softee and is just happy to let her chew on him. Our 5 year old daughter Kaitlyn is excited to have another ‘girl’ around as well. She went out in the backyard last night to have a conversation with Jack about how to ‘talk’ to girls so he and the new doggie would get along. And she is very eager for Faith to sleep in her room (she hasn’t let Jack yet). We are probably going to change her name to Jill. Kaitlyn wants to have Jack and Jill so she can sing their song for them-which she did over and over again last night. We will send more updates soon. Thank you so much, our entire experience with gsroc was AMAZING.