Finn And I Have Bonded!
Sunday, Jan 30,2011

I just wanted to write you a few short lines and let you know that Finn is really coming along great! He loves the word “Bye Bye” now because he knows it usually means a ride to one of the many local parks in Ventura. He jumps right in the car with his tail just wagging. He is the sweetest boy and always gets complimented whenever I take him anywhere. He loves to go to PetSmart, our local pet store, and the dog park to meet other dogs and people. He is a beautiful addition to my family and I love him with all my heart. He gets so excited in the morning when he sees my wake up and I can hear him rustling around in his doggy den or on his doggy bed which is right by my bed. I get kisses all day long, especially lots in the morning! He follows me everywhere still as he is still a little unsure about being left alone but he is getting better. He is starting to take his toys in the backyard by himself and play for a short while without me being there, before he would have never done that! He is making great strides everyday!

Finn is certainly loved and well taken care of. He and I have bonded so quickly it is amazing to me. I can’t see my life without him now as he brings me so much joy!

Have a great day and thank you again for doing all you do for these wonderful dogs!