Finn Keeps Up With The K9’s!
Tuesday, May 01,2012

I am writing to thank you for the opportunity to adopt and give Finn a loving home in January of 2011. We bonded immediately and he amazed me from the first moment when I saw that he in no way acted like a “handicapped” dog..even though he only has three legs!!! We take him to the dog park and he keeps up with the four legged dogs just fine, running around with them all! Here at home we have a back yard with 1/3 acre and Finn just has a blast back there! He has found his “areas” that he likes and he loves to play and lay around back there. Life is great for Finn now!

One other thing that is really great is my husband is a police officer and although he is not a K-9 handler he knows all of the dogs and handlers. He takes Finn down to the training grounds and lets Finn watch the police K-9’s do their training. When they are done they are let loose to play and do what they want and Finn is allowed to play with them! My husband lets him off of his leash and he gets to play with the three police K-9’s that my husband is really good friends with the dogs handlers. The first time he came home they were so late I started to get worried and just when I was about to call he walked in with a big smile on his face and Finn came in all out of breath and happy and he proceeded to tell me the story of how he took Finn to play with the K-9’s. He said that Finn kept right up with them despite only having three legs! Oh, and by the way, the breed of dog the police K-9 unit uses here are, you guessed it!! GERMAN SHEPHERDS!