Foska (formerly Godiva) and her new pack!
Saturday, Nov 22,2008

Just wanted to let you know that my (2) kids Kody & Foska are doing great!!! They receive so many compliments and I get bombarded with questions wherever we go because they look so much alike and because they are excellent ambassadors of the breed.

Believe me when I say that they go everywhere!!! Wine tasting on the Central Coast, work BBQ’s, to friends & family homes, you name it. They have become quite the local celebrities here in Lompoc, Ca. where I live especially at the local Baskin-Robbins 31 Flavors. The gals that work there every Monday already have their scoops of vanilla ice cream waiting for them when they see me pull up in the truck with them.

Foska and Kody along with my parents puppy, Chico, who has turned 1 this month. They are a great pack and Foska has become quite the maternal step-mother when Chico comes to visit. She loves to play with him as well as put him on time-out when he’s being a little tornado.

Kody loves to play as well and he’s more the laid back type. He sits back and enjoys laughing at Foska & Chico wrestle and play as much as I do. I couldn’t have asked for better dogs and between my parents and I (including the ones we have now) we’ve raised 7 German Shepherds. These German Shepherds we have now are right up there with the rest of them and continue to bring plenty of laughter and joy into our lives as well as those who know them.