Four months have passed now and we have no regrets.
Monday, Apr 17,2006

For a long time, Ron and I had talked about getting a dog. With all that was going on in our lives, it was just talk. Ron, being a former K-9 handler, was very comfortable with the German Shepherd breed. He would find himself visiting the German Shepherd Rescue site on the internet quite often. We would sit and look at all of the beautiful dogs just waiting for placement but that was as far as we got until Rex popped up on the screen. Donating money for his care turned out not to be enough. For about three weeks, Ron kept a check on Rex and then we decided that it was time to meet this dog that kept talking to us on the screen. Ok, time for the phone call. From the other end of the line came the news that Rex had been adopted. With some disappointment in our hearts, we agreed to stop by and see some of the other available dogs. The night before we were to visit them, the phone rang. Rex was still looking for his forever home. It didn’t take long after we met Rex that he was welcomed into our home and our hearts.

Four months have passed now and we have no regrets. Not knowing his past, it has been interesting watching him learn to trust and love those who care so much about him. He is a wonderful addition to our lives, has become very attached to us as we have to him. We look forward to sharing years together.

Rex has become my walking companion, a non-vicious watch dog, entertainment for the grandchildren, a great traveler, but, most of all, the giver of unconditional love that all of us enjoy having in our lives.

Thank you German Shepherd Rescue for saving these wonderful dogs.