Garrett’s New Adventure!
Monday, Feb 23,2015

He explored the whole farm-acre fearlessly and with such happiness, chasing or being chased by one or the other of his new friends. He played and played and played – ran and ran and ran- drank water, played some more, chewed some bones, got scolded a couple of times by the senior pack member, ate two bowls of food ( 2 hours apart) and has crashed out along side my leg on the bed after his new daddy stroked his face with the adoration reserved for puppies and bunnies, until he couldn’t keep his eyes open anymore ( which was about 10 seconds :). Shadow ADORES him already – they played together like they’ve known each other all their lives. I expected him to be reserved at first, maybe a little shy – but not this one. He is such a happy little guy and so well adjusted and confident! We have you to thank for that. You’ve given him an amazing and happy start and life and we’ll make sure we honor that by living up to it and keeping him safe, happy, heathy and balanced for the rest of his life. Now I have to go have a conversation about that with Tug, who is taking the fact that she has to share her new Dino bone very hard and has her little nose quite out of joint !