Gator Under the Christmas Tree!
Saturday, Dec 20,2008

Here is a photo of Gator in front of the Christmas tree on his new bed, which he loves. He is doing really well and enjoying life, even when he is outside which is not too long these days as it’s getting colder now. We have 2 huge padded blankets in our built in shed under the overhang outside our back door so if he wants to be out there at least he has somewhere warm and dry protected from the elements. (I think he’s enjoying being spoiled and taken care of!)His favorite place to be is where we are until the kids go to bed then he follows them just long enough to know they are okay then he plods back downstairs to Trent and myself and plops on his bed or at our feet for a belly rub. I promised you we would always take care of him and we will!!Merry Christmas to you all and a very safe and Happy New year! p.s we are still coming to Disneyland for New Years but we will leave Gator here with our good friends who I told you about (The ex Military police dog handler and Fireman). We would love to see you or in my case meet you if you are available! I’ll give you more info near the time as it’s top secret for a surprise to the kids for Christmas!!!

Happy Holidays !