Gertie Is Fantastic!
Thursday, Aug 12,2010

Hi I wanted to let you know how well Tonya ( now Gertie ) is doing. She is such a great dog that has fit into our family with no problems. She loves to walk, hike and play with the boys who think she is the best dog ever. Gertie was a little jumpy when we first got her. Didn’t like anyone coming into her new home but this problem has improved greatly over the past month. She is very social and loves to be with people now. She has many doggy friends in the neighborhood and loves to play with them.

We took her on our first big trip this past weekend and she was fantastic, well behaved and friendly to all. I have to confess I was a little unsure about adopting a rescue dog. Not knowing if she would have behavior problems or people problems, but she is such a joy. Not having to go through the out of control puppy behavior issues. She is also so well behaved on a leash, the work that you did with her has made her a fantastic dog. Thank you for all that you do I will recommend your organization to all.