Gigi Is Perfect From The Start!
Wednesday, Aug 17,2011

What a leap of faith to pick her up and then immediately get on the road for hours. But she lived up to every expectation we had!! We’re completely and totally in love with her!

She got in the car and immediately laid down and went sound asleep for 2 hours! She actually laid completely on her side and was snoring/heavy breathing sleeping!! So she was happy and comfortable from the start. From there on out, she was a silent trooper, no problem what so ever – a complete joy really. Every once in awhile, she’d try to snuggle her way into the front seat with us or she’s stand up and cry a little as she’d look out the window, we’d stop let her walk around, drink, eat a little handful of kibble and then get back on the road. Each time we’d get back in the car and she’d again immediately lay down and relax. As soon as we got here – we let her run around the fenced vineyard – she was so happy! She knew she was home. In our house, she has her pick from 4 beds in different rooms…. She goes from one to the other and has played with every doggy toy in the house!! She doesn’t know which one she likes more! She takes her medicine well , she is completely house trained , doesn’t beg for food, and is a really good listener… She wants to get on the couch with us and on our bed – so just working with her on that a bit, along with how to walk like a lady on a leash and how to know the difference between shoes, socks, clothes vs doggy toys!

She’s perfect! Thank you so much for suggesting we give her a look. She was meant to be ours…. I’ve got better pictures in my camera, but here are some from my phone – – I’ll send you some of her on the property and in the vineyard – she’s beautiful … and in many ways looks similar to Duke. We luv luv luv her!!