Good Golly Miss Mollie!
Saturday, Jun 22,2013

I hope you like Miss Mollie’s (formerly Dancer) first pictures. This one is entitled, “Who’s Watching Me Play!” We don’t have action shots yet, but probably will when the kitties are out full-time with her. She is younger, I believe, than we thought. She plays like a young dog! She takes my shoes, steals the wash cloth and runs around when she’s having a bath, steals paper towel rolls out of the wastebasket, and selects the toys daily that she wants and puts them on her bed!

She loves people — today, while out on the patio, she managed to open the patio door herself and come in when she heard someone at the front door! We are doing short walks on level ground/grass, progressing little by little. We avoid curbs or steps where she is not sure of herself. I have a supportive harness and can help those legs along! She is on Susan’s supplements, which are definitely making her feel better. I hope to have an animal chiropractor who Susan knows visit her in the next couple weeks. I just want to have her as comfortable as possible. Even with her beautiful, heavy coat, she is staying cool with warm water rinses and a fan at night. I couldn’t fault her if I wanted to — she is the sweetest little girl you could ask for!

You gave me a wonderful gift. Thank you again : )