“Grandma Coco”
Wednesday, Aug 17,2011

Attached is a picture of Grandma Coco as we fondly call her. Other names are Cocomo and Cocopuff. Last Saturday we had our mobile vet come…give her a little anesthesia…
then clean her teeth, clean her ears, and give her a puppy cut (she was so matted).

The vet says she is in excellent health. It must have been months since she was last groomed. Now we can see her pretty brown eyes…and she looks like like her sister Sandy who is a purebred Llaso Apso. She was a bit perturbed with me for a couple days as I was the one that carried her out to the motorhome “hospital.” She has changed immensely
…still gets a bit cranky at times. If she rrr’s at me I usually just rub her face and put my fingers in her mouth. Of course she is like the others…..not about to eat until I put the fresh, cut-up, roasted chicken on her food.