Grappa Is Growing Like A Weed
Sunday, Nov 23,2008

Everything with Grappa(Dani) is going well. She is an amazing little girl. She is VERY well tempered and just likes to hang out. She really enjoys walks and hanging out and playing with other dogs. She is growing like a weed! She is now over 30lbs, and her paws are still so big, we think she is going to be a BIG girl. She likes to hang with us until about 9:30pm and then she goes back to our room and crawls under the bed and sleeps till 6:30am on the dot. We trained her in the crate for about 3 weeks, and now she is very good about using the doggy door when it is that time. We are starting school tomorrow night and looking forward to a very rewarding future with our new “baby”. This has been a very great experience!