Great Talking With You Today!
Sunday, Feb 01,2009

Great talking with you today! Appreciate the follow-up and all that you guys do for these great creatures. Nellie has now been with for 5 weeks as of today and she is progressing very well.

Our first week or so was filled with the usual acclimation and learning what each of us is about. She is very eager to please and readily accepts learning new things. From day one she was a fantastic walker, always staying on the heel and never unruly. It is rewarding to see her thriving in her new home. We’ve only had one minor accident since she been here and really it was the third night and she was still having some intestinal distress going on. I have spoiled her with the toys… Can we really ever have enough? The great thing is that they get rotated and every 3-4 days she thinks she is getting something totally new to play with.

We have already explored and played in a few of the “Dog Parks” within the local area. She socializes well the other dogs and seems to have a fun time…. But boy is she tired when we are done!

I try to not think about how her past may have been but rather focus on the fact that she’s part of the family now, and she has a great life here… only wish that now we could trade places and I could stay home during the work week … sleep… play with my toys… and have lots of wonderful time to contemplate when dinner is being served up!

Attached picture was take a few weeks ago… she’s starting to put a little muscle weight on… it’s slow but that’s ok…otherwise a very healthy girl.

I’ll need to work on my photography technique… aren’t those eyes awesome?!

Again…many thanks!