Great Update From Jordan!
Monday, Jan 16,2012

Mom said I hadn’t written you in way too long. (but she doesn’t understand the difficulty I have with the keyboard). Sooo anyway I’m still living in San Jose and am settling nicely into middle age if I do say so myself. I have a Siamese cat as a best friend (to tell the truth we have tooooo many katz!)

And quite unexpectedly I got a new baby sister, Cassie, this year. She ran out in front of mom’s car. Mom said that we were going to send her to German Shepherd Rescue after we tried to find her “real” owners. She didn’t have a collar or a microchip but a tattoo – man I never got a tattoo! She also had a broken leg that set crooked. Boy was mom mad about spending all that money at the specialist. But the owners of origin didn’t show up and then Cassie had ingrained her way into the family. This was back in early September. She was cute and much smaller then. (I think I liked her better when she was 30 #s)

Mom says she’s been really good for me because I’ve been acting like an “old man” just laying around the house and watching animal planet and stuff. – I am like 8 or 9 or something! (Boy I never thought I’d hear mom complain about me laying around)

Now she’s almost as tall as me (she says she is as tall as me but she’s lying) and weighs twice as much as she did 4 months ago.

Mom sezs she needs to get a job but she always said that to me tooo.

Anyway I just though I’d let you know how I’m doing.

your forever friend


Here’s me with my sister. I didn’t want her in the picture but mom insisted!