Greetings From Bosley
Tuesday, Dec 23,2008

Bosley is doing great in so many ways! His downfall continues to be his other-dog aggression. As he’s getting bigger and stronger (from miles and miles of running under his collar now and eating like the big dog he’s going to be!), he’s actually getting more ornery in that regard. We started group lessons with YDT last weekend, per Trainer Jeff’s okay for socialization, and he used him as an example of outstanding obedience combined with huge attitude … which we got to “show off” several times during the session. He was ready to take on most all the other dogs there and we were both exhausted after the session. YDT says we handle it great, it’s just Bosley. Little man got to stand up front with the trainer the whole time and assist him with the other dogs, handing out treats, and other miscellaneous jobs. We all think he’s the next dog whisperer. You should just see him with Boz. And it also helps with getting Bosley super-trained … because one other dog snapped at little man during the training and Bosley about came unglued … and I was proud of him for that one! 🙂 Anyway, didn’t mean to be so long winded, but have been thinking of you and how to get you a Christmas card. The picture doesn’t do Boz justice … he’s absolutely the most handsome dog anywhere. And we get many, many compliments on it. Especially now with his ribs not sticking out so much and his coat so shiny. Merry Christmas!