Greetings From Brandy Isabella!
Saturday, Feb 06,2010

Brandy Isabella continues to thrive. She enjoyed the holidays in the snow (she loves it!) followed by a week in San Francisco (see photos). Please note – the coat I’m wearing is completely FAUX!! We found many more restaurants around the city that have outdoor dining that welcome pets. We’d all just jump in a cab and go! Brandy is so popular at the Tuscan Inn now (at the Wharf). We even heard other guests referring to her as the “best-behaved dog in the place.” In January she visited Phoenix with us. Amazingly, she was not only allowed inside the house, but allowed to run loose (she doesn’t) inside. This was in a home where they’ve never let animals inside (we of course stayed at a pet-friendly hotel). She was great with everyone, including all the small children and the elderly.

Every day we think of just how lucky we are to have found Brandy, thanks to GSROC, and to have her is our lives. I think she’s pretty happy too. She continues to receive cards and gifts from those who love her. It’s amazing. While in San Francisco we were approached by a whole family from Houston who wanted to know about the breed. WELL…., after about 10 minutes, including a Q&A session and while observing and interplaying with Brandy, I think they were going back home to check out a G.S. rescue in their area!