Greta is a terrific dog…
Tuesday, Sep 05,2006

I wanted to thank you again for having us over to see Greta and letting her go with us. She seems very happy here. It took us 10 hours to drive back, partly because we stopped several times to walk or run Greta and give her water. Terry and I traded sharing the back seat of the car with her, so we all got to know one another by the end of the trip. I have attached a couple pictures of the ride back, as well as some the next morning. Last night when we got home a took her for a pretty long walk, so she was ready for a good long sleep last night, as were the rest of us. This morning we went for a hike in a park a couple miles from here. After a 10 hour ride yesterday I was surprised how eager she was to get into the car again for another ride.

Just as you said, Greta is a terrific dog, really very special. She is also getting along very well with Terry’s mom. I was very impressed with how well trained she is already. After her initial excitment she walks really well, and also has good manners. Although we will spend time with her to teach her new things, I have never gotten a dog that has had this kind of training already, so it was a very pleasant surprise.

We are very happy with our choice of Greta, and are looking forward to many years of happiness with her in the family. Greta has been here less than a day but she already seems relaxed and at home. She already has a routine of where to go in the yard, and likes to keep tabs on where everyone is in the house. It is a big change for her but she is adapting very quickly.

Thanks again for caring so well for her for so long. Foster parents like you and the German Shepherd Rescue groups like the one in Orange County are doing a terrific job.