Greta’s (Formerly Olivia) Happy Ending
Sunday, Dec 28,2008

We have had Greta (formerly Olivia) for over a month now and she continues to be a joy! What a spirited and friendly dog. She was very shy with men when we first adopted her, but she has gotten over that and now wants to be petted by everyone she meets. We take her running and she loves to run alongside me as I ride my bike. I have to work my way up to her fitness level! Heidi loves her new sister and the two of them sleep side by side at the foot of our bed. They spend long hours wrestling, sleeping and generally exploring the backyard. Interestingly, Greta has a deep fondness for pinecones, which she tries to steal from our basket near the fireplace. The telltale crunching always giver her away. Great ears! We sometimes call her Yoda!