Gunner, Now Taro, Found His Comfy Spot!
Monday, Jul 20,2015

He’s a good dog for his age although has some typical teenage issues which we are getting under control (some minor aggression and stubbornness but nothing insane). He’s very bright (which is part of the problem!) but already on his way to accepting us as his pack leaders and sleeps really great through the night which is awesome. He is mellower for a teen and should be a medium energy adult. Already has learned sit, down, stay, heel, shake, and to sit before leaving the house or eating, etc in 1 week. It will be fun to see what else this bright guy can learn, and once we usher him safely into adulthood he will be an incredible dog! He’s a good fellow and we are exposing him to lots of situations so he can become a good citizen. 🙂