Gunny Is Exactly What Sadie Needed
Thursday, Dec 28,2006

I thought you might like an update on Gunny (formerly Prince). He is doing great, and what a doll! I was looking for a companion for my sable, and he is exactly what she needed. His temperment is so easy going and laid back, in fact he is downright goofy.

Gunny is very good looking and he gets a lot of comments about how shiny his coat is and how big his ears are. He is about 73 lbs now and still very thin. He is already taller than Sadie, and she is a big girl, so he is definitely going to be a big dog.

It has been a big change for me, training a male. They are not as quick as the females, which I’d already been warned about. Gunny went to puppy kindergarten and basic obedience, and he’ll repeat basic again in January (3rd place is simply not good enough for a GSD!).

He is definitely a teenager now and I certainly understand why so many Shepherds end up in shelters and rescues at this age. Gunny is an expert at destroying things, but I know he will grow out of that eventually. And he is just so sweet that I can’t even ever get mad at him; it isn’t HIS fault if I forget to put stuff away.

Thank you so much for letting me adopt him!