Gunther Is Enjoying Country Living!
Saturday, Aug 18,2012

Gunther (formerly Wagner) is a big, sweet, lover and has a BIG bark. He scared the bejeezus out of the guy that comes service my water well every month! Obviously, I apologized profusely but was giggling a little inside. He likes to herd the horses in the morning and evening with I take them in and out to the pasture. He gives lots of respectful distance – but still does the back and forth herding thing. He’s a good farm dog.

The biggest adjustment was learning to walk on my hard wood floors. He and the little ones slide around all the time but eventually get to where they are going.

He has become a real Velcro dog and likes to be with me always. Likes to go for rides in the truck and gets a little nervous when I leave. However, he’s a good boy while I’m gone and nothing has been destroyed in the house.

Thank you again for helping me get this great boy. He’s a big part of our little family and I’m very thankful for him every day.