Gwen is a blessing…
Friday, Aug 18,2006

You ask about Gwen, it’s as if she has been here for years. She is eating 3 meals a day until she gains some weight and she already seems to be trained not to go potty on the lawn. She goes directly to the landscaped area in back to go potty. The cats and she are getting along great, she is still a little scared of them but she sleeps in the bedroom with the white cat, who has accepted her. This morning they all went out to the backyard together.

I have decided that she is a great actress. When we tell her no, not to eat the cat food she is so remorseful and then a minute later she is back to eat their food. And when she gets up on a bed and you tell her no and to get down, she looks very sad, but she doesn’t move.

The first day I may have worn her out. We walked 3-4 times and must have walked about 6-7 miles. I have stopped running which is wise I guess for my knees, and she and I walk the 4 miles instead. She is already a hit in the neighborhood and is beginning to know everyone. Our previous dog was better known in the neighborhood than I am. When our previous dog was put to sleep we got more cards of condolence than we would ever get.

She is a wonderful addition, thank you. We truly feel blessed.