Gypsy, Checking In!
Tuesday, Feb 21,2012

My dear GSROC family:

Time to let you know what’s going on in my life. First they, my new mom and her grandchildren changed my name to Gypsy, from Starr. Like the name, we’re constantly on the go. Then you would not believe my cousins!!! Dobbie, Duchess and Pyrenee, Fluffy Pants who live in Salt Lake are so much fun. I already spent about 4 months with them up there. Fluffy was adopted while I was there and she’s much younger than me, and she thinks I’m her big sister!!! Played a lot with her though.

Duchess, while playing, in name only, you should had seen the tumbles and body slams she gave me. I LOVED it, also the 2 creeks with lots of water, fun to run in, up and down and up and down……… get the idea……. mom says I look like a happy coyote or wolf (never seen one) have to take her word for it.
I think they never had a pretty dog here in Prescott, because all I hear is “gorgeous” “lovely” “beautiful” “sweet”, but I don’t let it get to my head. Have other things to take care of, like which is the biggest stick I can drag around the lake we have here and go for 1 or 2 hour walks every day, how to chase the birds in the bushes, and I also try, but can’t sneak a duck chase, mom says I can’t get went in the winter….. The other night someone said: gorgeous hips!!! from behind and guess what… mom thought they were talking about hers but NOOOO, it was MY hips they were talking about!!! That was at LOWE’S.

I also go to Home Depot. I like it there, they give me cookies and I get to lick some kids that don’t expect it…. HA HA.

Mom’s Dr. completely spoils me. Mom says that her visits last 4 times longer because of me, but the Dr. told mom to bring me always!

I also love to go to the store where they fix the vacuum cleaner, I get to run all over and the smells are great, and so is the owner. I’m still a picky eater, so mom tries harder and I get nice meals, but don’t tell her, she’ll stop it if she knew that it’s a bit of a show.
I want to thank you again for the opportunity you gave me, I love you all!