Hannah And Dan Are Great For Each Other!
Monday, May 03,2010

Ladybug is now “Hannah” and I think the name fits her well. She is adjusting wonderfully and is settling in to her new home. Dan takes her out for daily walks and both our benefiting from that. Dan just loves Hannah and she has bonded to him. Apparently she follows him everywhere in the house….Dan loves that! Everyone else in their family loves Hannah too and she is such a good dog. And she is!

As you can see she is a happy girl. I plan on introducing my dogs “Bear and “Nico” soon. When that happens I will take some group shots of all the dogs and send them to you. Anyway, I just wanted to say you for all your help in this adoption. It has meant a lot to Dan. Hannah has brought much joy and happiness to his life already. Thanks again for everything!