Hansel And Gretel Are Incredibly Happy!
Thursday, Mar 27,2008

We want to thank you for your wonderful hospitality and friendship you have awarded us with your fury friends. After formally adopting our darling children, Hansel and Gretel a couple of days ago, we cordially send you our gratitude and admiration to you who dedicate part of your lives to the common good of the fury friends at GSROC.

Hansel and Gretel are incredibly well adjusted to their new life style and they have even made friends with other dogs, cat, cockatiels, and their new adopted brother Kye, a two year old golden retriever who teaches them dog tricks every day. While I was remodeling the other house in East Highland Ranch, I took Hansel to live with me there for two months so we could finish the project. Hansel and Kye loved each other and we could not separate them so we decided to adopt him as well. Gretel and Jerry came daily to help us and we all hang around ‘til midnight when Jerry and Gretel came home and met us the next day again.

Gretel loves Kye also for he is a sweetheart and does not bite her legs as his brother does for fun. Believe or not, we take the three of them to a field where there are jack rabbits and leashless they run and exercise their muscles. I don’t think they will ever catch a rabbit because they fly like birds teasing the dogs. They have tried to catch gofers and squirrels with no success (happily). They are happy children, Hansel gained weight and his ribs do not show any longer. They just wish that YOU would watch them play.