Happy 1st Birthday Magic!
Sunday, Jul 29,2012

She took obedience classes earlier this year & did GREAT!! It’s also a Pet Resort, so I’ve taken her there a couple of times & they all LOVE her!! They have a pool where she can splash around in all day if she wants & gets along with all the other dogs. When I bring her home she is worn out, but in a good way!;) Magic (formerly Janis Joplin) also has Trixi & Patrick here to keep her company. They’re a bit older and sometimes the “pup” in her is just a bit much at times, but the majority of the time they get along well.

Thank you GSROC for loving these faces & making sure they get good homes. I’m ALWAYS looking….as soon as I get that “feeling” like I did with Magic then I know that’s the ONE I NEED to bring home!!;)