Happy Holiday For Roxy!
Monday, Dec 19,2011

She is the best and most beautiful dog ever and is everything we have hoped for. We love her so very much and she truly completes our family 😉
I have attached a photo of Roxy (formerly Fendi) from her first night with us in her crate with her blanket and ball. She did not whine at all the first night and has been perfect. All we need to do is get her house trained, which I know will take a bit of time and get her to not bite (which is all playful). We are going to start her up for 6 week training at Petsmart in January when the next puppy classes start and get her more socialized. We took her with us this weekend for ride in the car, trip to Petsmart and trip to the park and she had a lot of fun.

So happy to have her home for the holidays and the kids off this week until January 13th to spend more time with her.

Thanks again and wishing you and your family the happiest of holidays !!