Happy Holidays From Maximus
Wednesday, Jan 02,2008

Aja, Maximus (formerly “Whiskey”) and Sedona want to wish everyone in the GSROC family Happy Holidays! Our photo this year was a little more of a challenge. We decided to hike in the mountains down the street from our home for a more natural setting. We all do this hike often but have never tried to formally pose the “furkids” out here. Aja feels she is too dignified to wear a hat (as you can see by her pitiful expression-happens every time I bring out a hat), Maximus is just happy to pose for his “dad” (even with the silly necklace that “mom” made him put on) and Sedona loves wearing hats so she always looks happy. We cannot believe it has been almost 17 months since we were privileged enough to bring Maximus into our home. He is such a joy and the apple of his “dad’s” eye. He proudly represents GSROC-East/Southwest everywhere we take him.