Happy Holidays
Monday, Dec 18,2006

Hi All,

Hope all is well. Thought I would share this photo. We took it a short while ago and are using it for our holiday cards this year. :) Please feel free to share with the group if you would like to do so. I am sure there are some folks curious for an update.

As you can see Maximus (f.n.a. “Whiskey”) has settled in with “his girls”. Max and Sedona do not always see eye to eye and they are both stubborn (esp. Sedona) so there are disagreements from time to time (like any “siblings”). One of the techs at our vets office recommended a trainer and we are going to seek some guidance to help us work with Max and Sedona. Other than this small bump in the road everything else is great! Aja is such a regal lady that Max respects her very much. They will even sleep forehead to forehead sometimes. Max likes his “Mum” but adores his “Dad”. I chuckle over this as I am the one who feeds him, fills his water bowl, brushes him, etc… Maybe because “Dad” takes him to fun things like car shows and the park while I hang out with the “girls”. Max always draws a crowd due to his immense size. Bob is thrilled to have his very own furkid as the girls have always been very bonded to me.

Hope you all have an awesome holiday and much health and happiness in the new year!