Happy Jackson!
Wednesday, Apr 07,2010

I haven’t sent you any photos in a while so here they are. Jackson and Willow play rough but Willow is real careful not to hurt Jackson. They run and run around our yard, jump on each other, drink water at the same time out of the same bowl, then lay on our bed together to take a nap. Notice the blue toy that Jackson picked out on adoption day? Willow carries it around, sleeps with it but she gives it to Jackson when he wants it. The two of them could not be any cuter. They are getting so very close so fast. Jackson is a smart guy. He learns fast. He really has not destroyed anything in the house (knock on wood) yet. As we told you our dogs live in the house with us. The longest he has been alone (with Willow) in the house is 5 1/2 hours and he was a perfect angel. They have lots of chew toys, the house is sort of puppy proof, and we take him on a 2 mile walk before we leave him alone so he sleeps while we are gone. Jackson is great. Please know he is loved very much by all of us. Our cat walked up and touched him while he was sleeping the other day. I couldn’t get the camera in time.