Harley Chase Bubbles!
Saturday, Sep 12,2009

Harley (formerly Marley) has been a member of our family since the beginning of 2009. What a great way for all of us to start out the year. He is extremely lovable and enjoys spending all of his time by our side – unless we are spending too much time sitting outside in the yard! In his past life, he spent the majority of time home alone in a dog run and consequently now he prefers to be indoors as much as possible! Even when we are outside, if we leave the patio door open, once he is sure we are “safe” outside, he will go right back into the family room and hop on his bed! He had a great time this summer with all of kids home………they taught him to swim and even how to “chase” bubbles! I have enclosed some pictures of his newfound swimming ability along with his latest pastime, chasing bubbles! We are so happy that he found us and that he is a part of our family. Thanks GSROC!!