Harley (Formerly Marley) Won Us Over!
Thursday, Jan 22,2009

We wanted to provide you with an update on Harley since he “adopted” us as his new family. We had just recently lost Sarge, our previous GSROC adopted dog to cancer and were devastated. When we first met Harley, we were struck by his sweet nature and strong desire to be a part of our family. We were not planning to adopt another dog so quickly after losing Sarge, but Harley quickly won us over. He has settled into our family and is truly one of the sweetest dogs we have owned. In fact he is so friendly and laid back, we even wondered if he was a labrador masquerading as a GSD! He charms each person he meets with his easy going manner and desire to please.

When we first brought him home, it was really windy. He had so much fun just hanging out in the backyard, emjoying the sunshine and windy weather. He closed his eyes and let the wind just blow over him. We are truly grateful for all the help and support we received from the GSROC volunteers!