Heathen (formerly Sullivan) Has Really Grown!
Thursday, Aug 02,2007

Heathen doing fine. He’s had a few little yard bumps but nothing that a hug and chewy doggie treat couldn’t fix. Heathen has grown like a weed. I can tell when he’s going through a growth spurt ’cause he eats like a ravenous little porker 4-5 times a day! Here’s a couple of pics of him (he has a summer puppy cut because it started getting hot out here so early in the summer and the humidity has been terrible). He’s so funny. Thinks that Bill is his own personal chew toy and I’m his personal backstop to lay against (or hold his toys against my leg and chew). That boy is fearless–he runs flat out in the back yard up and down the slope! He also likes to climb in the hammock with me and lay on my stomach. Heathen doesn’t realize he doesn’t weight 33 pounds any more!! When he lays on his back and stretches his legs out, he’s almost 5 feet long. Hard to believe he’s grown so much in 4 months. He’s discovered that he gets a lot of attention when he digs holes in the yard… He’s pretty good about getting a bath, and you should see him play in the sprinklers or chase the water coming out of the hose. LOL! We’re going to do a Christmas card with The Amazing Groucho and Heathen. One gets to wear the Santa hat, the other one has to wear the reindeer antlers. Can’t wait for them to be sent out! Will try and take a movie of Heathen running in the yard and send it to you soon.