Friday, Jul 25,2008

It’s been a while since we’ve sent pictures of the baby. We now have a total of 3 dogs: [The Amazing] Groucho, Heathen, and Dolly Madison. It’s strange how things have worked out: all 3 dogs are within 2 pounds of each other in weight; they are all approximately the same height; and although they play hard with each other, if another dog *dares* to bark at any one of them (but especially Heathen) they work as a pack to defend each other. Even though Groucho knows our neighbors’ dogs wouldn’t hurt Heathen, he will put himself between Heathen and the fence and growl/bark at them. Dolly does the same thing, and Heathen doesn’t understand why nobody will let him in on the fun…

He’s a BIG baby now! He weighs 57.6 pounds, and when stretched out on his back, is over 5 feet long from tail to nose. He still thinks he only weighs 30 pounds and that occasionally produces a bruise or two for his dad and me. Ooof! His new thing is to go over to the bookcase where we put his bones and toys on the middle shelf and take them out to play. The shelf is just the right height for him to stick his head in and rummage around. We put them back on the shelf, and he takes them off again. Guess he’s got us trained, right?!

Enjoy, and maybe one of these weekends we can bring Heathen to an adoption fair and his buddies from GSROC can see him!